Hidden Jewels Of Customer Service, Part 2

I interviewed Becky Rhone-Nowlan about Customer Service dynamics.

The following is Part 2 of the interview:

MagicBecky Messmer:  May I take it from an on-line

Mooie Infinity: Yes indeed.

MagicBecky Messmer:  I talk about this in my book,
“Secrets of the Second
Fortune.” When you begin the process of creating your
on-line business you
look for a problem to solve right?

Mooie Infinity: Right.

MagicBecky Messmer:  So you start researching and getting
into your
prospects head, thinking how they think, figuring out how
they feel.
Your next step is to create your product and start
communicating with them.

So you expend all this energy and time making a connection
with them.
Are you not at this point working on *serving* your
customers needs?

Mooie Infinity: Yes.

MagicBecky Messmer:  At this point you are doing customer
That’s the very interesting distinction that people don’t
seem to get.

Mooie Infinity: Customer Service is a genuine attention to
the needs of the customer.

Mooie Infinity: Customer Service is a genuine attention to
the needs of the customer.

MagicBecky Messmer:  Problem resolution on the other hand-
is solving
(or resolving) a very specific problem they are having.

MagicBecky Messmer:  Yes, Mooie! I love that statement,
Genuine attention to the needs of your customer.

Mooie Infinity: Yes you can use that somehow–it has a
certain ring to it.

MagicBecky Messmer:  Sounds like the title to an article.

Mooie Infinity: I want to address the lack of
communication skills.

MagicBecky Messmer:  So, back to what I was saying.

Mooie Infinity: People need to altruistically learn how to

MagicBecky Messmer:  After someone plunks down there
money, most people on-line
want to automate the rest of it.
So they are basically automating their customers right out
of their
business which does one thing. It alienates the customer
which ruins
all the time and energy the business owner has spent in
with them in the first place.

Mooie Infinity: Yes.

MagicBecky Messmer:  I agree about the communication.

Mooie Infinity: Communication is key, and largely

MagicBecky Messmer:  Yes it is but then that goes back to
the whole
taking responsibility issue.

Have you listened to how we as adults communicate with
each other
and our children?

Mooie Infinity: Yes, we all can fall prey to negative

Also–people tend to allow their emotional hot buttons to
be pushed
as opposed to learning the art of detachment in talking to

MagicBecky Messmer: Glad you brought that up Mooie.
This is one of my favorite parts of service.

Mooie Infinity: As I said in Ho’oponopono and Stellar CS
(a bonus to your
forthcoming electronic book). Love is all you need.

MagicBecky Messmer:  We are emotional creatures.  We have
2 sides of our brain,
the emotional side and the thinking side.

Mooie Infinity: Yes–creative and rational, spiritual and

MagicBecky Messmer:  When you are upset, the emotional
side takes over.
That is why its so important for someone doing problem
resolution (or CS)
to learn how to let a customer rant while supporting them
in their right to be upset.

Once they get done ranting their brain equalizes itself
out and they
can then *hear* what I or any CS person has to say.

When a customer is really angry, you could say, I am going
to give you a million
dollars and they wouldn’t hear you.

Mooie Infinity: Are CS people trained in communication?

MagicBecky Messmer:  Whether they are trained in
communication, depends on the company.

Where I worked we took CS classes all the time- including
one called Communication 101.

Mooie Infinity: You could write an ebook about that very
problem: Lack of
communication skills and the solution for CS workers.

MagicBecky Messmer:  I did want to speak on one more issue
if that’s ok.

Mooie Infinity: oh please, do.

MagicBecky Messmer:  The idea that customer service is not
a revenue producing activity.

Mooie Infinity: Ah, yes.

MagicBecky Messmer:  Many believe that because it doesn’t
immediately put
a check in your bank account that it doesn’t make you
money and therefore
not such an important part of business.

Mooie Infinity: How wrong “they” are.

Everyone in an organization needs to be CS minded

MagicBecky Messmer:  My thoughts on the matter are if you
don’t take care
of your customer they won’t stick around.

Mooie Infinity: Every one must be a CS person in any

MagicBecky Messmer:   Everyone in an organization should
be treated like a customer,
whether they are internal customer or an external customer.

Mooie Infinity: Now there’s a good point! As an employee,
I recently wrote
to the Vice President of my hospital about a very serious
problem–and got absolutely no response.

A few weeks later I sent the letter back, saying I
expected the nursing staff
to be empowered and not blown off.

MagicBecky Messmer:  Are you not HIS customer?

Mooie Infinity: I am. And that’s why I sent it back, and
got an answer then.

MagicBecky Messmer:  But see that’s another reason why CS
is not done
correctly in many cases. Everything trickles down from the
If the people at the top don’t value service, then who is
teaching the employees?

Mooie Infinity: Good point.

MagicBecky Messmer:  It all works together. If a marketer
on-line doesn’t
think customer service is important, how well do you think
his or her staff
is going to take care of the customer?

Mooie Infinity: I believe whole organizations could learn
from this, from several
hundred or more to the lone marketer, like us.

MagicBecky Messmer:  I agree, because it is such an
integral part of business.

Mooie Infinity: Respect, cooperation, compassion,
kindness, humanity.

MagicBecky Messmer:  Whether it be a huge corporation or a
small online business,
the one thing everyone seems to forget is the reason we
are *in* business is
for the customer. Is that not who we create products and
services for?

Mooie Infinity: Yes.

MagicBecky Messmer:  So let’s not forget them in the

Mooie Infinity: Building relationships and trust, loyalty–

MagicBecky Messmer:  Trust me they will remember it and
thank you for it
by spending with you again and again. As I like to say,
A customer will never remember what you do for them but
They will ALWAYS
remember how you made them feel.

Mooie Infinity: True. That’s what I always remember, as a

MagicBecky Messmer:  Me too!

Mooie Infinity: Thank you Becky! This has been enlightening.

MagicBecky Messmer:  And of course that goes right back to
your idea about love your customers.

Mooie Infinity: Love is all you need.
MagicBecky Messmer:  My pleasure Mooie. You got me to talk
a lot.

Shhh– It’s a secret.

It’s the Secret of the Second Fortune!

Mooie Infinity: Yes it is.

MagicBecky Messmer:  Definitely. How to tap into your customer’s heart.

Mooie Infinity: Our conversation today will help people
see the mportance of nurturing Customer Service in their

Thank you for coming!!

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