Second Life and Your Portable Empire

This was the week when Pat O’Bryan launched his new book: “Your Portable Empire: How To Make Money Anywhere While Doing What You Love.”

I’m a member of Pat’s Portable Empire University, where hours and hours of audio and video teach the student everything about how to build and automate an online business and their own portable empire.

Members can access a forum where all questions are answered by the knowledgeable students as well as by Pat O’Bryan himself.

I know that any question has an answer. My friends at the University are more than generous with their explanations.

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In preparation for “Your Portable Empire” book launch, Pat created the Portable Empire Island at Second Life.
This has been an amazing experience and adventure for someone who was raised just as television was introduced into the 1950’s home arena.As kids, we played outside until dark, and had the run of my crimeless hometown. We knew everyone and could depend on the kindness of this extended community.

When Pat opened Portable Empire Island, I was one of the first to arrive.

It took me three days to learn how to walk instead of fly my little avatar, alter ego personality, Mooie Infinity.

Second Life is now voice enabled but for now I hear sounds like water falls and laughter, as well as the sound of typing as we type our messages to everyone at the virtual chat room.

The beauty of this experience far surpasses what any of us, including Pat O’Bryan ever imagined.

When I need a break from product creation, or article writing, or blog posting, gardening, weed pulling, housecleaning, or after a twelve hour shift at the hospital, I log into Second Life and socialize with my friends there.

Because of this interaction, we feel more connected to one another at the University.

And because we discuss our projects and encourage one another to define how we wish to create a Portable Empire of our own, the creative energies are flowing.

In just the first week of my experience  at Portable Empire Island at Second Life, I decided on a project, began the research, began the sales letter, and decided on the first bonus.

Each time I visit Portable Empire Island and further discuss ideas, another exciting insight surfaces.

I go to sleep and awake with other action plans to add to the original vision.

Napoleon Hill didn’t conceive of this modern day Master Mind potential.

But then again, neither did any of us.

Pat O’Bryan’s avatar sits in on our various musings, sometimes making a well placed comment.

He says he has 2 laptops going at the same time, one to stay logged to Second Life, the other to write, blog, keep updated on the Amazon ratings for the book, as well as whatever else he does.

Soon he may need 3 laptops!!

Lawyers can also see clients at Second Life.

Coaches coach, teachers teach, counselors counsel.

People can dance over at the disco.

Barak O’Bama, Hillary and John Edwards each have their own islands at Second Life.

I thought my siblings and I could buy an island, meet there and chat, giggle and discuss life. We all live far from each other.

This way, we would feel more connected.

For now, I enjoy my time at Portable Empire Island. Pat O’Bryan’s generosity and cutting edge vision has added a new dimension to internet marketing.

One that is sure to get the attention of all the other internet marketing gurus in the weeks ahead.

Do YOU want to join Pat’s Portable Empire University, or explore his other products?

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