I Am The American Health Care System

The practice of Ho’oponopono is a simple one. It’s a process
of cleaning and erasing shared collective memories, coming
to the sacred place of inspiration, where motivation occurs
from inner purity and loving grace.

This is done by inwardly and ceaselessly chanting: I love you,
Thank you, Please forgive me (for the part I played in bringing
about this problem), I am sorry (for the part I played.)

This is what Ho’oponopono calls taking 100% responsibility.

When a problem or a challenge surfaces in the mind, or in our shared
experience, these phrases transform the situation. They heal the
confusion felt as chaotic emotion and leave in its place a clarity,
a crystal clear mind where healing occurs.

However, when I am in a state of what appears to be insurmountable
conflict, I use Byron Katie’s “The Work” to help me.

Byron Katie’s “The Work” is a process where a “problem” is
scrutinized with Inquiry, or a series of questions, that puts
the responsibility right back where it belongs–inside yourself.

The 4 questions of Byron Katie’s “The Work”

1) Is it true?

2) Can you absolutely know for sure that it’s true?

3) How do you react when you think that thought?

4) Who would I be without that thought?

—and turn it around—


I went to see Filmmaker Michael Moore’s “Sicko” which had an
effect I did not expect or anticipate. Not only was the U.S. health
care system exposed like an open wound, but the health care of European
countries, Canada and Cuba was also investigated.

These were humane and charitable in comparison to our system.

Not that I haven’t seen our system at work for the past
23 years of my nursing career.

I remember fighting with health insurance companies for payment
when advocating for my patients, doing nurse practitioner work.
Additionally, four other people were hired to exclusively deal with the
denied claims of our indigent patient population.

When one of my 4 year old patients was in a car accident and paralyzed
from the waist down, we held a fund raiser to help fund a handicap accessible
van for him.

I sat with the child’s grandmother at the catered luncheon. She told us
she was going to suggest that the money we raise should go to buy the
child’s catheter supplies and medicines.

“You mean his insurance is not covering these?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

Back at the office on Monday, we got to work and confronted the insurance
company, demanding that they reimburse all past medical supplies. (Thankfully,
the child’s mother kept all past receipts).

While this issue was resolved, how many more were falling through the
proverbial cracks?

How much harm, even death was our dysfunctional health insurance
system causing patients in our care, without our knowledge?

The American Health Care system is sick, but as Ho’oponopono teaches,
we can heal it, by healing our perceptions of it.

It’s an inside job.

Byron Katie’s “The Work” offers an opportunity to work through stressful
beliefs that bring inner tension. I was able to use the One-Belief-At-A-
Time Worksheet to work through the following one-liner: The American Health
Care System won’t take care of me when I am old.

I was privileged to have a partner, whom had been through the School
Of The Work, help me see the fallacy of my thinking.

So, the American Health Care System won’t take care of me when I am old.

Is this true?


Cab you absolutely know for sure that it’s true?

Well, no.

How do you react when you think the thought: the American Health Care System
won’t take care of me when I am old?

I feel tense, and sad because my mother died at age 73, because the American
Health Care System didn’t seem to know what to do with her after she had a stroke.

I feel serious with no sense of humor.

How do you treat yourself when you think the thought: the American Health Care
System won’t take care of me when I am old?

I feel a sense of urgency about doing something, like moving out of the country, knowing
that a plan to implement Medicare for all Americans may never manifest here.
This makes me feel angry and distrustful of the American government.

When did the thought: that the American Health Care System won’t take care of me
when I am old, first occur to you?

Probably first occurred to me when my mother had a stroke and died 2 months later.

Does this thought bring peace or stress into your experience?

Definitely stress.

Who would you be without the thought: the American Health Care System won’t
take care of me when I am old?

I would calmly get petition signatures for a single-payer plan in America.

I would have a sense of adventure about moving out of the country.

I would sit under this canape of greenery, protected by the leaves as a downpour
suddenly arises, with the distant sound of thunder accentuating the beauty
of mid-summer.

Turn it around?

The American Health Care System WILL take care of me when I am old.

I will take care of myself when I am old.

I will take care of other older people when I am old.

I am the American Health Care System!!

This last turn-around: I am the American Health Care System, had a certain
Power to the People ring to it!

Both my partner and I laughed hysterically with this turn-around.

I am a nurse, I love my patients, I love myself, and I am not separated
from the health care system I have dedicated myself to for the past 23 years.

The American Health Care System is not the enemy.

In truth, there are no enemies.

My stressful thoughts are opportunities to beam the light of Inquiry through the center
like a laser, so that a liberation beyond description results.

Kate Loving Shenk is a writer, healer, musician and the creator
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